Tuesday, October 16, 2012

mystic lake

Hi there world,
  We are here to day to prep you for amazing adventures to come. We all do something big in elementary school. But in carpenter elementary it is amazing.  i am not trying to offend any other schools but this is the only one i really know about from experience, so yeah. i know you are all probably telling your scream to shut up and tell you what the special thing  is. So well I'm am not going to tell you just yet i think i will keep you in suspense a little longer. just kidding just kidding, you should of seen your face man, ha ha ha. Okay okay  i will tell you but don't go bragging off to  your friends okay. When you are in fifth grade you go to mystic lake for three nights and two nights. I know it is absolutely mind blowing awesomeness. So that is technically all Ezra  will let me say. and if you say hi to him or see him around say hi from Bronwyn the one who popped the blood vessel in her eye he'll know me.

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