Thursday, January 24, 2013

My first Skiing experince

Believe it or not i tried skiing today and i swear i thought it was a totally bad idea. But once i got going (on the kiddie hill that you are pulled up on with a rope.) i started getting the hang of it. So i learned the pizza and french fry moves. At first i thought what the heck are you talking about but then i tried it. and it actually made sense. pizza is to stop and french fries to go. I really did it and i tried the big hill but i didn't work. i kept falling and  then sliding for what seemed like forever. So after i went back  to the lodge and had a snack i started and after a few runs is tarted to get really good. so that was my first experience on skis.
if you tried something cool and want o share it post as comment below. so good night.

christmas sorry i was late!!!

        Sorry i was so late on this post but i have been very  busy with school and other things. So what i got for Christmas. first off i don't want to seem like i am bragging i just thought that you would like to know what i got. so here it is oh by the way this is only Bronwyn i haven't gotten together with the other gals yet  so here it is. 

         -duct tape
         -Red CD by.Taylor Swift
         -several scrapbooky things
         - tons of things
So ya that is the just of it. so if you want to tell me what you got for Christmas then post a comment  below!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Make a diffrence

It is us the 3 gals. We are here to alert you about a chance to change someones life. Well actually 2 chances to give people help who need it. One of these  options is a website called You give 25.00 to a person who needs help starting a business. this person is going to use your money to start their business because they don't have money. They are probably starting a business to support them self and possibly a family to. But you will get your money back after the person is back on their feet. isn't that so cool and you are helping someone who really needs it. The other chance you have to make a difference in somebody's life. it is called All you have to do is go to the website and you just have to answer the question right and you donate rice to somebody who doesn't have food.  So really you just have to answer silly question. So i hope you will take these suggestions to heart and think about how many people you can help by just 25.00 dollars that you get back to help someone else  or just answer some questions. I have a tip for kiva if you want to join a team you can. if you can i would join a big one or one with young people who want to make a difference to. I mean like kids to.

So let it spark.

                                   3 gals productions 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

merry christmas

Merry Christmas.

By  Ella one of the 3 gals
       Hi it's us the 3 gals wishing you all a merry Christmas. We want to say hello to the 2013 and good bye to 2012 with a bang. So we want you to share what you want for Christmas .Then what you got for Christmas . And we will all share what we got. Oh yes i have a quick note Santa loves lots if sprinkles on his cookies. I heard it from Mrs.Claus herself.  Now have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Bronwyn here to tell you where i am going this February. Sot the results are in.... Give me a beat.... Washington D.C!!!! I know it's fantastic so if you would like to see my picture near something in D.C..  comment   by telling me where you want the picture.

           3 gals

Monday, November 26, 2012

mystery trip challenge

Hi there people of the world we have some news.

         Bronwyn is getting to do something, a chance to go somewhere incredible. So if you would like to guess where i am going you should not read on, think white -------. I will give you guys and ladies 72 hours to complete this challenge. By the way 72 hours is 3 days. So get to work, think about my clue. And it's not snow.

                               3 Gals

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween (sorry we were late on this post)

Hi there world,

      Sorry we haven't  gotten to the Halloween post we were too  busy with trick or treating kids  to blog. So we want to be updated on who went trick or treating. Come on people hands up who went to go get candy. Okay so quite a few of you did. And a couple didn't that's okay. For people who went  trick or treating you guys got a lot of candy no problem right. Of course you did. When I stayed home  I got some outrages costumes. There was one little girl who was a walking talking out of order candy machine. I broke out in laughter when a little "glitter gal" walked up my porch steps. I asked the blob of glitter what kind of candy it wanted. It mummer-d  something that sounded like tootsie roll. So got it a tootsie roll and she toddled off. i sat there a minute in aw off the weird yet clever costume I had just saw. So if you want to  share your costume fave or your candy oh no even Halloween drama leave a comment.

                          The Three Producers