Thursday, January 24, 2013

My first Skiing experince

Believe it or not i tried skiing today and i swear i thought it was a totally bad idea. But once i got going (on the kiddie hill that you are pulled up on with a rope.) i started getting the hang of it. So i learned the pizza and french fry moves. At first i thought what the heck are you talking about but then i tried it. and it actually made sense. pizza is to stop and french fries to go. I really did it and i tried the big hill but i didn't work. i kept falling and  then sliding for what seemed like forever. So after i went back  to the lodge and had a snack i started and after a few runs is tarted to get really good. so that was my first experience on skis.
if you tried something cool and want o share it post as comment below. so good night.

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