Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween (sorry we were late on this post)

Hi there world,

      Sorry we haven't  gotten to the Halloween post we were too  busy with trick or treating kids  to blog. So we want to be updated on who went trick or treating. Come on people hands up who went to go get candy. Okay so quite a few of you did. And a couple didn't that's okay. For people who went  trick or treating you guys got a lot of candy no problem right. Of course you did. When I stayed home  I got some outrages costumes. There was one little girl who was a walking talking out of order candy machine. I broke out in laughter when a little "glitter gal" walked up my porch steps. I asked the blob of glitter what kind of candy it wanted. It mummer-d  something that sounded like tootsie roll. So got it a tootsie roll and she toddled off. i sat there a minute in aw off the weird yet clever costume I had just saw. So if you want to  share your costume fave or your candy oh no even Halloween drama leave a comment.

                          The Three Producers 

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