Wednesday, September 12, 2012


School is so many things. It's like an onion so many layers depending on who you are. like if you are a ,"popular" school is just another place to see friends eat and chill. But then there's another," popular " group the people who care about there grades and having a great time in your passing times or on the play ground. sadly if your like me your like the last stated ,"popular" group put I'm sadly not popular. I mean i have friend's but I'm just not the top of the food chain. I could go on and on about how the schools divided up or i could give you advice about school if you would like to get advice from us 3 gals. you have to post a comment stating the advice you need a name so we can put you in the drawing box and call you up on the 1st episode of the  BME SHOW THE BME SHOW.Good night every body.

Bronwyn Maddie Ella <3

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